Visit one of Finland’s biggest Reuse Centre in Nihtisilta 18.4 at 9.30-11

During our visit (mostly in Finnish) we’ll have a chance to see different workshops. For example old bikes, furniture or electronical equipment are fixed, get new shapes or usage.

The Reuse Centre transforms over 4 million old products into new products. Over 50 million kg natural resources are saved every year.

Read more about the Reuse Centre 

Please sign up for the visit here (Max participants 15 persons)

Besök ett av Finlands största återvinningsvaruhus i Knektbron / Nihtisilta 18.4 kl. 9.30-11

Under rundvandringen (på finska) har vi möjlighet att bekanta oss med olika verkstäder, se hur bl.a. cyklar, möbler och elektronikutrustning restaureras. Vi får också se Plan B:s (Återvinningscentralens egen kollektion) nya produkter, som skapats genom att man återvunnit material.

Vi får en inblick i hur 4 miljoner saker årligen får en chans att återanvändas och hur Återvinningscentralen sparar 50 miljoner kg naturresurser varje år.

Time to reflect over our environment, please fill in the Green Office WWF's Consumer habit questionnaire

Arcada has a Green Office Certificate and we want to take responsibility for the environment. Please answer WWF's Consumer Habit Questionnaire latest by March 31, 2019 (either in Finnish or English) Kulutustapamittari Högskolan Arcada Ab. You’ll get tips and suggestions on how to improve your habits and at the end of the questionnaire you also get some feedback.

Thank you for having taken part in the Green Office Consumer Habit questionnaire!

This year totally 144 students and staff (compared to 92 people last year) answered the WWF’s Consumer Habit questionnaire. After a few weeks we’ll get the result and we’ll get to know how good we are at saving the carbon dioxide emission and Arcada's ecological footprint.

Congratulations to the winner, who has been notified. A lovely Kånken backpack will be delivered shortly!