Plastic challenge

Please read the article (in Swedish) about Eva Biudet, who took up the challenge not to use plastic for a week.

Also EU is working towards reducing plastics. Read more here.Green Office challenge you to think environmentally friendlier and reduce plastic in you daily life.


Läs om Eva Biudets utmaning att leva utan plast i en vecka här.EU jobbar för att få bort onödig plast. Läs mer här.Mera om plast och fakta.Green Office utmanar dig också att tänka miljövänligare och lämna bort onödig plast. 

Thank you for having taken part in the Green Office Consumer Habit questionnaire!

This year totally 144 students and staff (compared to 92 people last year) answered the WWF’s Consumer Habit questionnaire. After a few weeks we’ll get the result and we’ll get to know how good we are at saving the carbon dioxide emission and Arcada's ecological footprint.

Congratulations to the winner, who has been notified. A lovely Kånken backpack will be delivered shortly!