Green Office: Food Waste Week 7-13.9.2020

We are reminding you about the huge amount of food beeing thrown away.

Also Compass Group (Restaurant Arcada) participate in the Food Waste Week by measuring food wasted. They also sell food waste from today’s lunch if available (take away), weekdays at 12.45-13.00. A 750g box costs 3€-3.20€, with your own box the cheaper price.

At the new coffee line you also have ready take away portions, 2.60€ for students and 5.60€ for our staff. Weekdays at 13.00-15.00.

Please read more here about the Food Waste Week (only in Finnish).

Green Office: Spillveckan 7-13.9.2020

Spillveckan börjar och kampanjen uppmanar alla att ta en extra funderare kring matsvinnet. Vi kastar bort ca 20-25kg i medeltal per person varje år. Totalt blir det 120-160 miljoner kg mat i hela Finland.

Compass Group (restaurangen på Arcada) deltar också i spillveckan, bortkastad mat vägs och vi får veta hur mycket svinnet är per person.

Compass Group erbjuder svinnmat som take away. Dagens lunch säljs i mån av möjlighet vardagar kl.12.45-13.00. 750g kostar 3€-3.20€, det billigare priset med egen ask!

Green Office: The Food Wasted campaign result

During the September campaign, Compass Group (restaurant Arcada) weighed our food waste. First week food waste was 29g/ serving. The following week food waste was 32g/ serving. Much better than last year!

You can easily influence the climate change with the amount of food waste. In Finland, we throw away food around 20–25 kg of food per person every year, approximately 100 €.

Green Office: Svinnkampanjens resultat

Under svinnkampanjen i september vägde Compass Group (restaurang Arcada) matavfallet. Under 2 veckor vägdes matavfallet, första veckan var svinnet 29g/portion, följande vecka var svinnet 32g/portion. Svinnet var mycket mindre än ifjol!

Du kan lätt påverka klimatförändringen med mängden matsvinn!

I Finland slänger vi årligen cirka 20–25 kg mat per person. Tänk på allt vi kunde göra med den maten eller pengarna som åker rakt i rosken.

Hur kan du minska ditt matsvinn?

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