Green Office Consumer Habit result

In March 144 students and staff answered the WWF’s Green Office Consumer Habit Questionnaire. In the questionnaire we got tips and we also looked over our consumer habits.

This year we had an even better result than last year. Our answering percentage was much higher than in the WWF network. Totally 5651 persons answered the questionnaire with the average point 75,4/100 and we scored 78,2/100! Well done Arcada!

Green Office konsumtionsbarometer resultat

I mars svarade 144 studenter och medarbetare på WWF:s konsumtionsbarometer enkät och samtidigt blev vi påminda och fick tips om ett hållbarare konsumentbeteende.

Vår svarsprocent var klart större än genomsnittet inom WWF:s nätverk. Bland 5651 svar var poängmedeltalet 75,4/100 och vi hade 78,2/100! Bra gjort Arcada!

Vi har varit speciellt duktiga på att undvika engångskärl och vi har inte kastat mat i onödan. Men vi kunde bli bättre på att motivera våra medarbetare och studenter.

Tack för att du deltog!

Important message for students studying at the Department of Business Management and Analytics

Dear students,

Due to the uncertain situation at this time, we would like to inform you that at this stage we are planning for mostly online solutions for the autumn.

Our department has mainly large lecture groups and therefore, we are currently planning to offer our lectures online. However, lectures will be held according to the existing timetable and we expect all students to actively participate in them.