Food Waste Week 9-15.9.2019

We are reminding you about the huge amount of food beeing thrown away.

Also Food&Co (Restaurant Arcada) participate in the Food Waste Week by measuring food wasted. They also sell food waste from today’s lunch if available (take away), Mondays-Thursdays at 15-15.15 and Fridays at 13.45-14.00. A 750g box costs 3€. Please bring your own box to save the nature at the same time.

Please read more here about the Food Waste Week (only in Finnish).

Spillveckan 9-15.9.2019

Spillveckan börjar och kampanjen uppmanar alla att ta en extra funderare kring matsvinnet. Tänk att vi slänger 120 till 160 miljoner euro i komposten, vad skulle vi inte kunna göra med de pengarna?

Food&Co (Restaurang Arcada) deltar också i spillveckan, bortkastad mat vägs och vi får veta hur mycket svinnet är per person.

Food&Co erbjuder svinnmat som take away. Dagens lunch säljs i mån av möjlighet måndagar-torsdagar kl. 15-15.15 och fredagar kl. 13.45-14.00 . 750g kostar 3€, ta gärna egen ask med!

European Mobility Week 16-22.9 and World Car Free Day 22.9

The European Mobility Week will remind us on how we move around every day. The best impact on the environment and our health is variation, for instance walking, using bicycle rather than using a car.

A Car Free Day encourages motorists to give up their cars for a day. Organized events are held in some cities and countries.

Some suggestions on happenings (see Swedish page for more):