Have you moved? Remember to update your contact information!

It is important that your contact information in ASTA is up to date. You can change your contact information here or by going to Start à My studies à Change your contact information.

If you have changed your name you must contact Student Affairs and present an official document that proves the change, e.g. a new driving license, passport or a certificate from the local registration office (maistraatti).

Arcada participates in Earth Hour 24.3 – together for our planet!

Switch off the lights on Saturday and take action for our planet and nature!

Participate in Earth Hour this Saturday 24 March 2018 at 20.30-21.30, naturally Arcada will join. Arcada will turn off the lights, please join us wherever you are!

We will organize a pop-up event to promote Earth Hour on Friday 23 March at 11.30 outside restaurant Arcada.