Change to the login subsystem for itslearning

After a small change to the login subsystem for itslearning, all users are encouraged to close and re-open their webbrowser before they try to login to itslearning again. 

The first time, users are also encouraged to login to itslearning directly via

This applies especially if the old browser session has been active for a longer period of time.

Our wireless has been updated

Arcada can now offer its users a fast and modern wifi service! The wireless net should now be available in all parts of the building. Additionally, it has bandwidth enough to serve a large amount of users; this is especially important since practically all laptops, tablets and smart phones assume a wireless connection.

Students and staff at arcada will connect to eduroam. If you have already connected your device to eduroam, no further measures should be required. Otherwise, check the instructions here.

Visit one of Finland’s biggest Reuse Centre in Nihtisilta 18.4 at 9.30-11

During our visit (mostly in Finnish) we’ll have a chance to see different workshops. For example old bikes, furniture or electronical equipment are fixed, get new shapes or usage.

The Reuse Centre transforms over 4 million old products into new products. Over 50 million kg natural resources are saved every year.

Read more about the Reuse Centre 

Please sign up for the visit here (Max participants 15 persons)