Maintenance work in ARBS today at 5 pm

There will be an urgent maintenance break on the server famnen today at 5 pm. This will affect several services like ARBS, Mediabooking, TUUDO and the ticketsystem for the IT-support. The break will last for about one hour.

During the break we will fix problems that have occured during the last weeks, like connections to ARBS that have failed and TUUDO being unable to show course schedules.

Brådskande underhållsarbete i ARBS från 17:00 framåt

IT-enheten utför brådskande underhållsarbete på servern famnen idag från klockan 17:00 framåt. Det påverkar bl.a. tjänster som ARBS, Mediabooking, TUUDO samt IT-supportens ticketsystem. Avbrottet beräknas räcka i cirka en timme.

Under avbrottet åtgärdas problem som har förekommit under de senaste veckorna, bl.a. har ARBS tidvis inte gått att nå och även TUUDO har haft problem med att visa scheman.

Food Waste Week 9-15.9.2019

We are reminding you about the huge amount of food beeing thrown away.

Also Food&Co (Restaurant Arcada) participate in the Food Waste Week by measuring food wasted. They also sell food waste from today’s lunch if available (take away), Mondays-Thursdays at 15-15.15 and Fridays at 13.45-14.00. A 750g box costs 3€. Please bring your own box to save the nature at the same time.

Please read more here about the Food Waste Week (only in Finnish).