Arcada participates in Earth Hour 30.3 – together for our planet! 

Switch off the lights on Saturday and take action for our planet and nature! Participate in Earth Hour this Saturday 30 March 2018 at 20.30-21.30. Arcada will turn off the lights, please join us wherever you are!

We will organize a pop-up event to promote Earth Hour on Friday 29 March at 11.30 outside restaurant Arcada.

You can also join our competition and win an Arcada-bag by posting your Earth Hour story on Instagram and tag #earthhour and #arcadauas. Remember that you need to have an open profile for us to be able to see your picture.

Arcada deltar i Earth Hour 30.3 – tillsammans för planeten!

Släck lamporna på lördag och uppmärksamma klimatet! Earth Hour 2019 ordnas lördagen 30 mars kl. 20.30-21.30 och Arcada är självklart med. Vi släcker lamporna i Arcadahuset och vill även uppmuntra studenter och personal att göra samma!

Arcada uppmärksammar Earth Hour på fredagen 29 mars kl. 11.30 med en pop-up vid lunchrestaurangen.

Fabulous Finland event on social media 15.1.2016

Fabulous Finland is a get-together event for international and international-minded students and staff members in Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences. It gathers people to share their stories and experiences about studying and living in Finland.

The event is arranged on Friday the 15th of January 2016. It takes place in social media and in several Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences at the same time.

Visit one of Finland’s biggest Reuse Centre in Nihtisilta 18.4 at 9.30-11

During our visit (mostly in Finnish) we’ll have a chance to see different workshops. For example old bikes, furniture or electronical equipment are fixed, get new shapes or usage.

The Reuse Centre transforms over 4 million old products into new products. Over 50 million kg natural resources are saved every year.

Read more about the Reuse Centre 

Please sign up for the visit here (Max participants 15 persons)