Students can access their Arcada email in the easiest through the mobile phone. The email is located on Office365 and is called Outlook. The web address is


Studenter läser enklast sin Arcada e-post via telefonen, epost tjänsten ligger på Office365 och kallas för Outlook. Webbadressen är

Send and receive large files

Sometimes your files are so big that you cannot send them through email or itslearning. For thos occasions use instead OneDrive or Funet's Filesender.

Skicka och ta emot stora filer

Ibland har man mycket stora filer som man vill skicka eller ta emot och som inte fungerar via e-post eller itslearning.


Students and staff are automatically subscribed on a few mailinglists. If you for some reason have not been subscribed, or want to unsubscribe, see instructions below.