Occupational Therapy (Swedish)

Qualification awarded: Yrkeshögskoleexamen inom hälsovård och det sociala området, Ergoterapeut (YH); equivalent to Bachelor of Health Care
Level of qualification: 1st cycle


Examensbenämning: Ergoterapeut (YH)
Omfattning: 210 sp/3,5 år
Utbildningsansvarig: Annikki Arola

Sports and Health Promotion (Swedish)

Qualification awarded: Yrkeshögskoleexamen i idrott, Idrottsinstruktör (YH); equivalent to Bachelor of Sports Studies
Level of qualification: 1st cycle
Scope: 210 ECTS credits


Examensbenämning: Idrottsinstruktör (YH)
Omfattning: 210 sp/3,5 år
Utbildningsansvarig: Marko Vaappo

Structure of studies

The studies in physiotherapy are tied to year-based study plans and carried out in periods where each academic year consists of four periods.