General information

From the 1st of January 2020, all students who do practical training in the HUS field must follow the same directive as HUS employees when it comes to ID cards. Therefore, Arcada has decided that the department of Healthcare students all need to have an ID-card when you go on practical training even though it is not inside HUS.

That's why we have created a Teams channel for the Nursing programme:

ID-card Nursing

Team code: x3iobff

How to find the Teams Channel
Log in to Teams. In the right corner you will find on the page with all Teams you are in this icon “Join or create team”. Click it. Enter the code for ID-card Nursing

Instructions how to upload image
The image on the ID card needs to be in color and in the type of passport image.That is, not a selfie you took yourself so ask someone else to take a picture of you.The picture may be taken with a mobile device as long as the quality is good.

You also need to write what language flags you need. To do this, enter the language abbreviation in your image name.

Swedish = sve
Finnish = fin
English = eng
German = ty
France = fra
Spannish = spa
Russian = rys

Name your image as FirstnameLastname_programme_language example HannaGrönholm_nursing_svefineng

Deadline during the Academic year 2021–2022

The ID-card is ready approximately one week after every deadline. An notification will be sent in Teams when they are ready. You can pick up your ID-card from Arcada's Information desk. Please remember to bring your ID to confirm your identity.  

If you have questions please contact Hanna Grönholm (amanuensis).