Practical training contract: It is important that you, prior to your internship, have agreed with your teacher responsible for practical training that you will get ECTS credits for your internship. The practical training contract should be signed by you, by your employer and by your practical training supervisor at Arcada. In this way, you ensure that you via Arcada have an accident insurance during the workday and on the way to and from the workplace in case you are not insured by your employer. Find the practical training contract as well as degree programme specific information regarding practical training here: International Business, Materials Processing Technology, Nursing.  

Register your practical training period in advance as soon as you have got your practical training contract signed. Please find the registration form and instructions on the page Register planned practical training abroad

Work permit/ visa: check with the destination country’s embassy if you need one during your practical training. If you are an EU citizen you do not need a work permit/visa in EU countries, but some countries require you to apply for/register a residence permit.

If you are in Finland on a visa: please check your visa conditions before planning placements in other countries! You may check if and how you are allowed to leave and return to Finland with the Finnish Immigration Service

Travel notification: Arcada strongly recommends that all students with a Finnish nationality or a permanent visa in Finland do a Travel notification to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Finland by using this link. Students with another nationality are recommended to contact the embassy of their home country in Helsinki/closest embassy to get instructions about how to make a travel notification. As a Finn, you should do the travel notification to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Finland even if they register their temporary move at Maistraatti since the Finnish embassies around the world do not get the information from the Maistraatti.

Paid practical training: If you get paid for the practical training abroad, you need to be in contact with KELAs department for foreign questions (ulkomaanyksikkö) to make sure you know which country´s social benefit system you will belong to.

Travel insurance: Make sure that you have a valid travel insurance for the whole time beginning from when the journey starts to when you return to Finland!

If you are studying at the Department of Health and Welfare, and find a placement on your own at any foreign hospital, clinic, municipality, i.e. in those cases that it is not your teacher at Arcada who arranges the placement through Erasmus & Nordplus partner universities: please check possible fees!

Here you will find help to translate your application and CV to English.