We offer individual counselling supporting your learning, study skills and career development. You are most welcome to contact us and schedule an appointment on campus or online. We are here for all students during the whole study time!

  • Learning skills; time management, motivation, coping with procrastination, stress, self-directed studies and assignments, strategies for reading, planning your learning etc.
  • Career counselling; uncertainty about your choice of current studies, your future or life situation, further education etc.
  • Special pedagogical support; access and certification, counselling in how to learn and study having for example dyslexia, adhd/add, mental issues, impairment in hearing, vision or mobility, injury or illness (Mia)

The service is free of charge, not limited to a certain amount of appointments and the discussions are confidential.

For scheduling an appointment, please send an e-mail.

Study Counsellor and Special Education Teacher

Name: Mia Ekström

Position: Student Counsellor and Special Education Teacher

Bild på Mia Ekström

Available by appointment Monday through Friday.
Room: C342
Book an appointment via e-mail.