BEATRICE WALLMAN, Library Assistant

I do customer service at the library information desk. I help you with borrowing and returning books as well as finding books on the library shelves. If you need a library card I also help you with that.


TOMAS RÖNN, System Designer

I’m responsible for the maintenance and development of the library IT systems at Arcada. Next year we’ll change our integrated library system to a new open source solution, which is an interesting challenge.


MARIA VON HERTZEN, Head of Library

I’m responsible for the library, our budget, licenses and resources. I am member of the publications committee and I also teach information retrieval for students and staff at the Department of Culture and Media. 



I am responsible for our acquisitions and the development of our printed and electronic book collections. I also do cataloging, interlibrary loan management and registration of the Arcada publications and productions. I am also the library’s contact person to the Celia library.


SARAH HAGSTRÖM, Information Specialist

I work as information specialist at the library where I am responsible for teaching information retrieval for students and staff at the Department of Health and Welfare and the Department of Health Care. I also promote the library resources.


ANN-KRISTIN ÅVALL, Information Specialist

I am information specialist at the Department of Business Management and Analytics and the Department of Energy and Materials Technology where I teach information retrieval for students and staff. I am also the contact person for Theseus. I plan and maintain our e-resources and promote and market these. I’m also responsible of the acquisition of printed journals.


You find us in C2 and can contact us all through