We are looking for talented visionaries with a desire to change the world, the ability to challenge the status quo, and courage to take responsibility for the execution of a design project.  

The world has changed, and it will affect the lives of everyone we know. Everything is moving online, and the demand for online content has risen to new levels. It is more vital now than ever that we don’t let people isolate themselves from society. We want to invite students to work together with the global community and contribute to meaningful foresight challenges and progress their studies on the way.  

These challenges are open for Arcada students to apply. Two hundred (200) globally best co-creators will be selected for this 6-week program, where you have an opportunity to work in a project with the brightest minds all over the world.   

Accepted students will work in 5-member interdisciplinary teams and go through a 6-week process, which is a combination of Strategic Foresight and Design Thinking methodologies. Demola Foresight Experts facilitate the process.  Participants will be granted 8 ECTS*.  


Application period:  2nd April – 15th April   

Project timeline:  23rd April – 8th June   

Application portal: https://applications.demola.net/oneforhumanity External link 

Read more in på ASTA: FE-3-025 (0) - UNIVERSITY-BUSINESS CO-CREATION Project (DEMOLA)


*Please note that if you study at the Department of Healthcare, you need to check the possible accreditation of credits with your amanuensis.