Digitalization is part of Arcada’s strategy, but there are still lots of questions around digitalization. In order to get more information about what our teachers and students expect from digitalization, Arcada is participating in the global ECAR Survey.

Information collected through this survey will provide us with a picture of how Arcada's users expect our IT services to support learning and teaching. The material will provide us the possibility to compare Arcada on a national and a global level but also over time, since we participated in 2017.

You can access the survey by clicking here External link -  Be sure to participate and have your say!

The questionnaire was constructed by ECAR in English, and your responses are anonymous. Here are a few hints regarding how certain terms and items apply at Arcada: 

Section 2.3 - WiFi on campus regards our eduroam (not arcada-guest)

Section 2.5 - “online success tools” refer to all kinds of Arcada web services you may use. These items are interesting when developing Arcada’s educational and IT services.

Section 2.6 - the questions regarding Learning Management Systems refer to itslearning. Please note that this question is about itslearning as a service, not about how your teachers are using it.

Item 3.1 - the item is about your preferences for courses face-to-face or online

Sections 3.5 - 3.6 – please provide your responses in English or Swedish! Also, don’t forget to check Yes in 3.7 because otherwise Arcada will not get access to your responses.

Section 4 - The questions regarding privacy and security may seem personal but they are very important. NB, the responses will be handled anonymously so please, respond as honestly as possible!

Item 5.5 – unfortunately the US majors do not apply directly to Arcada’s degree programmes so in order to enable consistent grouping, please report your degree programme as follows:

  • Business, management, marketing - Företagsekonomi, Business (FE, IB)
  • Communications/journalism - Film&TV, Mediekultur, Kulturproducentskap (MK, KP)
  • Computer and information sciences - Informationsteknik, Informationsanalys (IT/IA)
  • Engineering and architecture - Energi- och miljöteknik, Process- och materialteknik, Materials Processing Technology (EM, MP/PM)
  • Health sciences - Barnmorska, Ergoterapi, Fysioterapi, Förstavårdare, Hälsovårdare, Idrott och hälsopromotion, Nursing, Sjukskötare, Sociala området (BM, ET, FT, FV, HV, II, NU, SJ, SO)

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