Starting in 2017 the universities of applied sciences in Finland are required to collect a tuition fee for studies carried out in other languages than Swedish or Finnish. The fee applies to applicants from countries outside the European Union. The tuition fee does not apply to persons who are citizens of countries in the EEA or persons who are treated as EU citizens by agreement by the EU and the country of which the person is a citizen, or the family members of such persons. The tuition fee is also not applicable to persons who have:

  • an EU Blue Card as stipulated in the Aliens Act
  • continuous (type A) or permanent (type P) residence permit
  • an EEA residence permit for third-country citizens with long-term residence in Finland, or
  • family members thereof. Family membership is defined as stipulated in the Aliens Act.

The minimum fee is 1,500 euros per academic year.

Arcada’s model for tuition fees supports active studies

Arcada will collect a tuition fee of 6.000 euros/academic year for bachelor’s degree studies in English (210-240 ECTS credits), starting autumn of 2017. The basis is that the fees will support active studies. No separate fees will be collected for studies during the summer semester.

A master’s degree programme (60–90 ECTS credits) at Arcada costs 4,500 euros/semester during the first academic year and then 2,000 euro/semester thereafter.

A scholarship system

Legislation also stipulates that universities of applied sciences establish a scholarship system. Arcada’s scholarship system is based on a means test and will be paid on social grounds from the second semester onwards. The scholarship will cover a maximum of 50 percent of the tuition fee.

International educations on offer 2017

Arcada does not intend to offer any new bachelor’s degree programmes in English during 2017. The fees will in other words mainly concern students in International Business and Material Processing Technology, since applicants to the degree programme in Nursing practically should be established in Finland already, and therefore do not have to pay any tuition fees. On a master’s level at least one new degree programme in engineering will start in autumn of 2017, adding to the degree programmes in Media Management, International Business Management and Global Health Care already offered.

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