Microsoft has expanded its repertoire of services for mobile Android and iOS devices (Apple) with an Outlook app. The European Union's IT department DG ITEC has investigated the app and concluded that it saves the user's password in Microsoft's cloud service [3].

Since Arcada users' passwords are used for most of our internal services, this constitutes a risk we cannot accept. The app also acts in contravention of Arcada Information security policy [1], which prohibits users to transfer their password to third parties. Due to this, Arcada prohibits the use of the Outlook app in connection to Arcada services. Arcada IT has also blocked the app from accessing Arcada data services.

Should you have already installed the app on any of your mobile devices, you must immediately delete your Arcada account details from the app, uninstall it and change your  Arcada password [2].

The Arcada Exchange Server and the Outlook desktop programs used on computers are not affected by this notice. Also, the native ActiveSync services delivered with smart phones are not affected.

If you have questions, please contact Arcada Information Security Harald Hannelius

[1] Arcada Information security policy (In Swedish)[2] Choose "Change your Arcada password" in the "My Studies" menu here on Start or change the password through this link[3]