Limited IT-Support Friday 18.10.

IT-support has limited access today due to vacations and sick leaves. Support is available today Friday 18.10 from 9-14.

H: IT-Unit

Maintenance work in ARBS today at 5 pm

There will be an urgent maintenance break on the server famnen today at 5 pm. This will affect several services like ARBS, Mediabooking, TUUDO and the ticketsystem for the IT-support. The break will last for about one hour.

During the break we will fix problems that have occured during the last weeks, like connections to ARBS that have failed and TUUDO being unable to show course schedules.

The tools that make your study life easier! 

Did you know that it is now possible to have all the most important study tools in your phone? By downloading the following four applications you have the opportunity to do everything from checking your e-mail and this week's lunch menu to communicating with other students and registering for courses. 

Power outage at Arcada 26.6 08:00 -> 13:00 due to power grid maintenance

Due to a scheduled and required maintenance within the power grid at the Arcada, all IT-services within Arcada will be unavailable 26.6 between 8 a.m -1 p.m.. All power is down in the main building, which means that lights won't function nor will there be running water during the power outage. Hence, the main building is closed.

Change to the login subsystem for itslearning

After a small change to the login subsystem for itslearning, all users are encouraged to close and re-open their webbrowser before they try to login to itslearning again. 

The first time, users are also encouraged to login to itslearning directly via

This applies especially if the old browser session has been active for a longer period of time.

How does IT support your learning?

Digitalization is part of Arcada’s strategy, but there are still lots of questions around digitalization. In order to get more information about what our teachers and students expect from digitalization, Arcada is participating in the global ECAR Survey.

Information collected through this survey will provide us with a picture of how Arcada's users expect our IT services to support learning and teaching. The material will provide us the possibility to compare Arcada on a national and a global level but also over time, since we participated in 2017.

Problem med datorklassen E385/Problems in the computer class E385


En Windowsuppdatering har gjort, att datorerna i klassen E385 har fått problem med inloggningen. För att åtgärda detta, hamnar vi att ominstallera datorerna i klassen ikväl 11.12 efter kl 19:00. Vi beklagar olägenheterna detta har orskat!

Due to a recent Windows update, the computers in classroom E385 har experienced problems with the login sequence. To remediate the situation, we will re-install the computers tonight 11.12 after 19:00. We apologize for the inconvenience!