Login to itslearning

Because of the migration over the weekend, the links to itslearning seem to have stopped working.  Until we make it work, you can log in to the page.


 and select "Log in with your Arcada credential".

Itslearning and consent to transfer information

When you log in to itslearning, the site may ask you for consent to transfer personal information, such as e-mail address. In this case, just accept and continue the login to itslearning.

Be aware of phishing attempts

We have discovered cases of "phishing" among student accounts. The accounts are now closed and the students are informed.

Especially in the current situation, where we all depend on functioning networks and digital tools, it is important that we are all extra mindful about data integrity.

A late afternoon at the library, 18.3 at 2pm-5pm

Workshop for students writing their thesis or other written assignments, Wed. 18.3.2020 at 2pm-5pm at the library

Staff from the different Arcada departments are available all afternoon to support and help students with:

No WiFi 30th Dec

IT performs service the 30th of December, so no WiFi that day sorry.

Limited IT-Support Friday 18.10.

IT-support has limited access today due to vacations and sick leaves. Support is available today Friday 18.10 from 9-14.

H: IT-Unit