Dear students,

Due to the continuing uncertain situation in the world with the Covid-19 pandemic, we would like to inform you that at this stage we will continue to use online solutions during spring 2021. Most of the lecture groups at our department are large and we are therefore currently offering our lectures online.

Moreover, lectures will be held according to the existing timetable and we expect all students to actively participate in them. During spring we will also try to offer workshops and maybe some small group assignments on campus. If you cannot attend these on-campus activities due to the Covid-19 situation, you will be able to attend remotely in agreement with the examiner. All students are expected to participate actively during the courses and our teachers will support you in your learning process online and to help you form important networks with students and companies. Our department will offer you continuous interaction online, and also on campus as much as possible, during the spring semester. Arcada’s library, student dining and campus will probably be open for student use in the spring, enabling student interaction.

Best regards,

Linn Hongell

Head of Department - Department of Business Management and Analytics