We have received the result for WWF’s Green Office Consumer Habit Questionnaire. In March 90 persons answered WWF’s Consumer Habit Questionnaire. This year we had an even better result than last year. This year both students and our staff had the possibility to answer and analyse their consumer habits.

We are good at sorting, recycling and choosing more sustainable alternatives such as mugs (instead of disposable cups). We are also quite good at choosing public transportation and avoiding flights. Yet to improve, were motivating each other to consume in a more sustainable way, eat more vegetarian food and think twice before printing and using paper. 

Thank you for having taken part in the questionnaire!

This summer you can rent the yellow city bikes and new for this year is that you can rent electrical kick bikes, but also rent rowing boats or other boats External link (in Finnish).

Weekend tip, visit the World Village Festival 2019 External link