This week the Arcada building will be furnished with new sofas and chairs. The furniture will mainly be placed in our common spaces: main entrance, staff entrance and the spaces outside the blocks on the third floor. Also Arcada Oasis in C3 will get a facelift. - The orange and green sofas and chairs are from Accenture in Ruoholahti. I saw an ad in an flee market group on Facebook stating that Accenture wishes to donate furniture to schools and wrote a comment that we at Arcada are interested, says Maria von BH, eventmanager at Arcada.

Together with campushost Ceti Hasselman the furniture was picked up and now we are able to furnish Arcada with a splash of color.- The furniture is in excellent condition, since it has not been used much over at Accenture. Recycing goes perfect with our strive to become an even greener campus, says Ceti.

During the upcoming weeks the Fatboys in Arcada Oasis (C350) will also be getting a facelift and the campusteam wishes that students and staff try to minimize coffee drinking and eating in the Oasis to keep it tidy also in the future.