Arcada takes chat tool into use

As a means to make communications between students and staff run even more smoothly, Arcada has taken a chat tool into use. The chat is delivered by the Finnish software company giosg.

Green Office: GO Consumer Habit result

In March 111 students and staff answered the WWF’s Green Office Consumer Habit Questionnaire. In the questionnaire we got tips and we also looked over our consumer habits.

Arcada turns 25 - how should we celebrate?

We are celebrating Arcada's 25th anniversary during the next academic year (2021-22). We need your thought and ideas to make the celebrations great! Please contribute by answering a short questionnaire and you might win one our Arcada products!

ASK invites you to Arcada student tandem

One of Arcada Student Union - ASK’s missions is to make students at Arcada feel welcome and included in our University and especially during those times when gatherings and in person meetings are challenging, ASK decided to launch a language tandem for all Arcada students.

The Rector's spring greetings

Dear students,
We are now halfway through the spring semester and I want to take the opportunity to thank you all for your great patience and adaptability. Arcada continuously follow the authorities' recommendations and the teaching continues at a distance throughout the spring term. Together we will get through the spring term, but remember that you do not have to do it alone!