In May, 476 solar panels will be installed on Arcada’s roof. The investment in sustainable energy is important from an environmental point of view, and the solar energy system will also be used in teaching, research and development work at the university.

The solar panels are expected to be in use by late June and will produce an estimated 125,000 kilowatt-hours per year. This corresponds to the average energy consumption of more than sixty flats.

‘As a green university, we want to prioritise renewable energy. From an environmental point of view, the positive result will be visible immediately, and financially, the investment will pay for itself within ten years’, says Jörgen Wiik, CEO of the property company Arcada Nova.

Apart from producing energy equal to one tenth of the annual consumption at Arcada, the solar panels will also be used for teaching, research and development. The solar energy system is particularly useful for the Department of Energy and Materials Technology.