International Working Women of Finland Ry (IWWOF) is a network and think tank that empowers international and internationally minded women in Finland. They regularly organise events related to employability, career and wellbeing. Some of these events are exclusive for their members and others are open to everyone. You can find out more about IWWOFand join the community (on Facebook)

Recently, the community International Working Men of Finland (IWMOF) was also created and you can join them on Facebook.


On Tuesday 17.11 17-19 IWWOF are inviting you to join their IWWOF talks business with Elisa event. You can either join the community and sign up there, or sign up directly.

Do you ever wonder why a Finnish company with mostly Finnish-speaking consumer base should bother to hire International Talents? This one is for you!

In Episode 3, IWWOF Talks Business with Elisa! Priyanka and Caroline Bondier are hosting Merja Ranta-aho EVP of HR and French born Marion Boberg leader of Elisa Viihde design team. We will discuss the internationalization journey of Elisa including the culture change, attitude and work needed when internationalizing the business and the workforce Also, we will explore the benefits of being able to recruit international talents in the company and more specifically then how international talent help Elisa to become a frontrunner in service design.