Students are, by law, required to register for each academic year (Polytechnics Act 29 §). In Arcada, the registration for the academic year shall be made here on Sepetmber 15th 2020 at the latest.

How do I register?

At Arcada, students register for the entire academic year at the same time. Your registration for autumn (periods 1 and 2), must be the same, which means either present or absent for both periods. The same rule applies to spring term (periods 3 and 4). In other words, it is not possible to register as present for only one period in autumn or in spring. All students shall register online no later than September 15 External link. External link

You cannot register as present or absent for a longer time than what remains of your right to study/time of absence. You can change your registration status from present to absent for periods 3 and 4 by submitting form Change of registration - Presence/Absence by 15 January. On special grounds you can change the registration from present to absent, even after the deadline (15.1). For example, military service, maternity leave, serious illness or injury, and particularly difficult circumstances are regarded as special grounds.

If you have been granted extended right to study you do not have the right to register as absent.

If you have more than one study place at Arcada you shall register separately for all of them.