Be aware of phishing attempts

We have discovered cases of "phishing" among student accounts. The accounts are now closed and the students are informed.

Especially in the current situation, where we all depend on functioning networks and digital tools, it is important that we are all extra mindful about data integrity.

Coronavirus Up-date: Arcada Calls Home All Students on Exchange

As of today, Arcada has called home all students who are on exchange within the framework of our exchange programme. Each student is contacted individually.

Students who are independently on exchange (so called free-movers) are strongly encouraged to return to Finland.

We also remind all students that if you have been abroad during the last 14 days you are to study from home and not visit campus.

Update regarding the coronavirus: online courses and practical training

In order to best ensure the opportunities for you as a student to complete your courses, the education at Arcada  continue normally until further notice. Until further notice, Arcada's campus will remain open in accordance with the instructions of the authorities and in line with the joint decision of the UAS's. Some of Arcada's courses will be conducted remotely (online) when possible. If it becomes necessary for your courses, you will receive information through emails from the course examiner.

Information regarding corona: Arcada's education continues as usual until further notice

For the time being, the education at Arcada will continue as usual, but we have cancelled all visits from abroad (e.g. guest lecturers) and staff that have been travelling abroad are required to work from home for 14 days when returning home. The UAS is ready to handle all education remotely (online) if the need arises. You will be informed by mail if this concerns your courses. Please make sure to check your e-mail and the corona-page on Start on a daily basis for any updates. 

Fire extinguish practice October 2nd

Arcada arranges on Wednesday October 2nd an practice where you will have the opportunity to learn how to extinguish a fire with an extinguisher and with a fire blanket. This happening is open to Arcada staff and students. The registration is binding. If you are registerad and don´t show up, you will be charged with a 30€ fee.
Dress accordinly, the practise is held outside.
There is a limited amount of places, so sign up quickly. Last day to sign up, September 27th.

How does IT support your learning?

Digitalization is part of Arcada’s strategy, but there are still lots of questions around digitalization. In order to get more information about what our teachers and students expect from digitalization, Arcada is participating in the global ECAR Survey.

Information collected through this survey will provide us with a picture of how Arcada's users expect our IT services to support learning and teaching. The material will provide us the possibility to compare Arcada on a national and a global level but also over time, since we participated in 2017.

Arcada has a zero-tolerance policy regarding harassment

The campaign #dammenbrister focuses on the fact that sexual harassment also affects Swedish-speaking women in Finland. The campaign has gathered more than 6 111 signatures and was officially announced on 29 November 2017. This campaign concerns all of us and shows that discussions and measures are needed regarding sexual harassment and assaults.