In December we reached a 41% response activity but in this survey, we're not there yet. Please, respond to our survey a.s.a.p. and participate in the draw of a 50€ gift card to Wolt!

Dear student,

Last year, Arcada conducted two web-based surveys due to the exceptional circumstances caused by the pandemic. THANKS to all those who responded!

For more than a year, you have gathered experiences of various forms of distance learning. By now, you have probably formed your opinion about what the studies should look like in the future. We want to hear your opinion!

You will receive a personal invitation in your Arcada email to the survey "Studying in the future". You and all our students are the ones who can tell us about studying during the pandemic, and how studying should be organised in the future. Therefore, it is important that as many students as possible answer the survey. Respond to the survey no later than May 31st.

At the end of the survey, You can choose to participate in the draw of a € 50 gift card to Wolt (information about Your participation is stored separately). Remember to check Your Arcada mail!

As the survey material will initially contain the respondents' e-mail addresses, the use of the material is regulated in the same Privacy Notice for Scientific Research that we used in December External link. All identification data are deleted prior to analysis and thus, all analyses and reporting will be based on completely anonymous data.

Should You notice that some of the questions do not display correctly, it usually helps if you delete all cookies in your browser. In both Firefox and Chrome, You can hold down Shift + Ctrl and then press Delete. This will display a menu where you can choose what you want to delete, in this case the cookies. After that, be sure to close all browser windows and then restart the browser.