In last December, all degree students and students at the open university trail had the opportunity to participate in our survey covering several topics such as distance studies, study routines and coping, need for and access to support, social aspects and study motivation. The survey closed on December 28th and was a follow-up to the survey last spring, which we optimistically called "Corona in the rear-view mirror". The pandemic is still not behind us, but we hope that the vaccinations that have now started will eventually break the pandemic.

A big THANK YOU to all students who contributed! Whereas the response activity in the spring survey was 39%, we now received a total of 1054 responses, which yields a response activity of 41%. Your answers provide Arcada with valuable information, e.g. about what kind of support and guidance we need to develop. To some parts, the materials from December and the spring will be compared.

There was an option to take part in a draw, and this time the gift card to Wolt went to Leenalotta Wallin, studying Public Health Nursing – Congratulations Leenalotta!