Dear Nursing students,  

Right now, with Covid-19, we are living ‘abnormal everyday life’. For you to complete your studies you need to do practical training. Several students have contacted us and asked about practical training and Covid-19 vaccinations for you students. Listed below are the questions we received and which we can answer. 

  1. Covid-19 vaccinations for students 

  • Unfortunately, we have not received information from THL about when you students can get the vaccine and who gives it to you, it is either YHTS or municipal health care. 

  • We suggest that those of you who working and can get the vaccine through work take the vaccine that way. 

  • HUS has started to give the vaccine to students who do practical training that is over 7 weeks long at HUS.  

  • The practical placement may not require you to have received the vaccine as you are not yet in turn to receive the vaccine. 


  1. Canceled practical training due to increased infections in the area 

  • Unfortunately, some practical placement bookings are cancelled due to Corona infections rising in that area.  

  • If this happens to your practical training, please contact your supervisor. We will try to find a solution to this problem. 


  1. Please take personal responsibility and show by good practice 

  • Before practical training avoid traveling abroad, as well as within Finland. If you must travel, follow the instructions given by THL concerning quarantine etc. 

  • Follow the instructions that the department for your practical training has to reduce the infection rates. 


  1. General vaccinations and the revised Infectious Diseases Act 

  • YHTS gives the general vaccines. Book an appointment by calling their public number. More information is found here

  • Check that you have all vaccines required in the Infection Diseases act. You can check it via the self-assessment form on YHTS’s pages.   
    Note! HUS requires that you have a printed version of the self-assessment form with you when you come to the practical training.  


We understand that there is a concern among students, and we are sorry that many of your questions unfortunately cannot be completely answered as the authorities have not informed Arcada more either. As soon as we receive more information, we will be in touch with you. 

If you still feel that you have more questions or concerns, then please contact the examiner or the supervisor for the practical training. 

You have studied incredibly hard despite the circumstances we live in!  

We wish you all the best! 


The Department of Healthcare