Do you like visiting museums and do you like using digital tools? You can make a difference and create smart digital tools for museum visitors that will be used throughout Europe.

Arcada is part of  a Horizon 2020 funded project called Reinherit and at the moment we are collecting data on museum visitors to help us design digital services for use in museums,. as well as a digital pltaform. Digital service development process is part of a broader process that aims to produce a model of sustainable cultural heritage management through a dynamic European Digital Hub. The tools and services to be created are technology-assisted immersive experiences, a digital game and digital exhibitions for museum use.

Does it sound interesting, important, like an initiative you would like to contribute to? Now you can get involved!

In the ReInherit project we follow the principle of co-creation, which means we want to involve you in the process of creating services and tools that are meaningful to you, that you will enjoy and benefit from using.

We are interested in getting data on which digital practices you engage in and how you use various museum or cultural heritage site related digital services. It takes 10-15 minutes to fill out the survey and it is open until the 29.10.

Create with us by filling out our survey : External link

Thank you for your contribution!