Foreign language courses at Hanken and within the KiVANET-network in the spring 2022


Arcada collaborates with Hanken to offer a wider range of language courses. Hanken's Centre for Languages has collected information about their foreign language courses in a newsletter (those courses that Arcada students can join). If you wish to participate, apply for the right to take a language course no later than 3.1.2022. (The registration form is in English, but the link goes from this Swedish text text. Här är länken till anmälningsblanketten External link.

Link to the newsletter: External link The support language is English, if the course is described in English.

Timetables for the courses can be found here: External link

There are no Beginners courses during the spring. The course 1B continues after 1A. The 1A courses are always offered during the autumn term.

If you have problems with the registration, please contact me E-mail: (not the language teachers at Hanken).

KiVANET is a network of 26 Finnish universities. The network offers web-based language courses to the students of the network universities. Some of the courses are based either on English as the support language or on the target language alone. (A limited amount of students from Arcada can take part in these courses.)

You can find more information here: External link The enrollment period for these courses is from 5 to 19 January 2022.

If you are a Finnish speaker (or know Finnish well enough), there are more courses available here: External link The support language on these courses is Finnish.

You can also take part in UniTandem within the KiVANET-network. This is an opportunity also for those of you that want to learn more Finnish or Swedish. You teach your own language and learn another language on a level that suits you. More information: External link