We as humankind recognize the need for solutions towards the global challenges we are facing. But what are the opportunities and innovations that we could see and take further? Who are the ones who will grab on to these opportunities?

Demola is internationally awarded strategic foresight platform for businesses and university students that invites you to create visions of the future you think the humanity needs. We have now launched our One for Humanity program for the second time. The program is built around six bold themes:

Planetary Emergency

Multipolarization in our Societies

New Drivers of Wealth

Human Beings in the Modern World and

Time After Data

Difference-making technologies

Under each of these themes you will find multiple interesting online projects. Please note that you need to SEPARATELY apply and GET ACCEPTED by Demola in order to be able

to participate in this course. The accepted students will work in global multidisciplinary teams together with our foresight experts for 8 weeks. Participants will be granted 5 ECTS and a certificate from Demola Global. Our student teams own the intellectual property rights of their creations.

Timeline for the projects: 

Application deadline: April 11, 2021

Project timeline:  April 21 – June 16, 2021

Hop on board and bring your imagination. Check for more information and apply here: https://www.demola.net/apply/university External link.

More information in ASTA about how to write your motivational letter.

Contact info: Erik Nyroos, Project Manager, One for Humanity E-mail:erik@demola.net