How did Your distance studies succeed during the Corona pandemic? Respond to our survey at 7.6.2020 at the latest and participate in the draw of a 50€ gift card to Wolt!

The Corona pandemic has required reorganization of both studies and work. To take advantage of the experiences of this unique situation, Arcada is conducting a survey among both students and staff. You will receive a personal invitation by email to a survey called Corona in the rear-view mirror. The message contains a unique link to your personal web form and therefore, you should not share it with anyone. The survey takes about 10 minutes to complete.

As rector Mona Forsskåhl notes in her summer greeting, our students are the ones who can tell us how it really worked, or did not work. Therefore, it is important that as many students as possible answer the questionnaire.

Please, complete the survey as soon as you receive the invitation, and also encourage your fellow students to participate. At the end of the questionnaire, there will be an option to enter your contact details (which are not linked to the questionnaire responses) to participate in the draw of a 50 € gift card to Wolt!

Since the collected material initially contains the respondents' e-mail addresses, the use of the material is regulated in a Data protection notice. All identification data are deleted prior to analysis and thus, analysis and reporting are based on completely anonymous data.