Arcada Summer School offers two online modules:

  1. Banking (15 sp)
  2. Making Sense of Leadership (15 sp)


The Banking module consist of following courses:

  • The Baking Industry 5 sp
  • Personal and Private Banking 5 sp
  • Corporate Banking 5 sp

Making Sense of Leadership module consist of the following courses:

  • Personal Leadership 5 sp
  • Teams and Leadership 5 sp
  • Change Leadership 5 sp

Please enroll to the courses now if you are planning the complete one of the modules. The enrollment closes on April 5th 2020.

Other courses completed at other Universities or University of Applied Sciences may also be approved as a part of your degree. However, you need to receive an approval from the degree programme director Susanna Fabricius first.

In addition, please note that your practical training period may be accredited from previous work experience. If you have worked in a business related environment, you are able to apply for accreditation. Please read more about the practical training here. It is however, ultimately up to the teacher who is responsible for the internships, Mia Halmén, to make the final decision on which experience that can be accredited.