ASK kommunalvals panel

Arcada Student Union - ASK arranges an election panel on Wednesday 28.4 at 13:00 on Youtube, feel free to follow the stream live or to watch it afterwards!

As we all know, the Municipal elections were moved from April to June, but it is an important election nonetheless. That is why we decided to hold a panel with young candidates, 24.4 at 13. The panel is going to be streamed on youtube, and if you cannot attend at the time, you can watch the whole thing later. The panel will be held in Swedish, but we also ask questions in English! You can follow the panel live on Arcada's Youtube here: External link

The panelist are:

  • Klaus Sallinen, Centern (Keskusta nuoret)

  • Amanda Pasanen, De Gröna (De Gröna Unga)

  • Silva Mertsola, Samlingspartiet (Kokoomus nuoret)

  • Joonas Kiviranta, Sannfinländarna (PSnuoret)

  • Jonne Juntura, Socialdemokraterna (Finlands Socialdemokratisk Ungdom)

  • Oscar Byman, Svenska Folkpartiet (Svensk Ungdom)

If you have questions to the panelist, you can send them to us via our instagram questions the day before. Our Instagram @askenfi External link