Feel good week 19-23.4.2021

Arcada and Arcada Student Union - ASK welcomes you to our Feel Good Week, 19-23.4.

During the week, we will organize different events for you students.
You will get to know the different support services in Arcada, ASK tutoring and get a lot of tips on how to take care of yourself

Arcada Guidance and student well-being will also organize Drop-in events every day from 14.30-15.30. You can ask questions, discuss life and even book in a personal appointment, if you want to.

The week will be held online through Zoom: https://arcada.zoom.us/s/68829606526 External link

The program for the week is here:

Monday 19.4

Corona in the rear-view mirror – Results from surveys in May-June and December 2020
at 11.00-12.00  

Tore Ståhl (pedagogy research) & Maria Höglund (Head of student well-being)  

Get to know “Full Koll” and get a better every day life as a student!       
at 13.00- 13.30 

Astrid Kalland (Guidance and student well-being)

Tuesday 20.4 

Tutorlunch and ask about ASK 
at 13.00-14.30 

Arcada Student Union - ASK  

Wednesday 21.4 

Alone as a student
What to do if I need help and what can I do for my own well-being?    
at 13.00-14.00 

Jens-Peter Cavonius from Krisjouren för unga (Helsingfors mission) 

Thursday 22.4

Mental well-being in difficult times         
at 13.00-14.00                                                                   

Maria Höglund (Head of student well-being) 

Friday 23.4

Tips on how to make cheap food and how to get a good night's sleep 
at 13.00-14.00 

Erika Nyström (Guidance and student well-being)  

Every day 19-23.4  

at 14.30-15.30

Guidance and student well-being