Arcada is joining the national ”Winter Kilometer Race 2021” ("Talvikilometrikisa"as a continuation of the bike race we had last summer and the walking race we participated in in the autumn. In this playful exercise campaign, Arcada's team collects kilometers together and competes with other organizations in Finland during the period 1. 1.-28. 2.2021. You can register everything you’ve cycled during the day!

Here's how to join Arcada's team:

1) Please make a profile or log in with your old username here: External link

2) Arcada's team name: Arcadas vintercyklister 2021 

3) Code for participation: Arcada2021

4) Enter your kilometers and if you want, even the minutes!

5) Encourage your classmates and a teacher or two to join! :)

Cycling is an effective way to take care of health and wellbeing and build on fitness. Cycling is also zero-emission and helps prevent climate change if you travel by bike instead of car.

Winter wishes,
Maria Nygård (Arcada Sport and Health Booster, HR)
Ceti Hasselman (Green Office)
Maria Schmidt (Arcada Student Union - ASK)