Thank you to everyone who participated in this years Walking Race 1.9.-31.10.2020! Arcada had a fantastic success in this playful race against other organizations in Finland. With a total of 8 599,7 km we made it to the 11th place out of 21 in the category of big teams. We walked in avarege 204,8km/person and saved up to 601 litres of gasoline and 1502kg CO2! The record big team from Arcada did by walking a valuable job for sustainable mobility, health, wellbeing and climate.

The most active walkers this year were

Students: Isa A. (583,9km), Susann T. (553,8km) och Amanda R. (342,7km)
Staff: Maria B. (568,0km), Monica L. (545,1km) och Hilda F. (473,5km)

These six will receive an e-mail shortly :)

Lets keep on walking and continue to build on the great results!