The autumn is a great time to enjoy the beautiful nature and the warm sunshine. Arcada and ASK challenges everyone to attend in this years national "Walking Race" (Kävelykilometrikisa in Finnish) as a continuum on the cycling race we had this summer. In this campaign we will together as a team collect kilometres and/or minutes that we have walked during 1.9.-31.10.2020 and playfully compete against other teams in Finland. You can report all the kilometres that you walk or run outdoors. 

Arcada will participate as one team, but in the end of the race we will give out prices to the most active students and co-workers separately!

This is how you can join Arcada's team:

1) Create a profile here: External link
(Unfortunately there is only a Finnish website this year. If questions, please contact maria.nygard(a)

2) Arcada's team is called: Arcada2020

3) Report your kilometres! You can write what you've walked since 1.9.2020, so if you have tracked your activity already from the beginning of the month, feel free to add those kilometres too. 

4) Encourage a classmate or two to join! Maybe you can challenge your teacher? :)

Walking is an effective way to take care of health and well-being and to build on your fitness. Walking is also emission-free and helps prevent climate change if you travel on foot instead of by car or bus.

Alright, but now - Less talking, more walking!

Promenad tillsammans