In accordance with the government's guidelines regarding the coronavirus, Arcada will postpone the Graduation ceremony originally taking place 12 June 2020. Instead, the Graduation ceremony will be held 2 September 2020 in connection with the Opening of the academic year 2020–2021.

In order to support the Finnish authorities' work in preventing the spread of the coronavirus, the Graduation ceremony will not be held as planned on 12 June 2020. All graduates of the spring semester 2020 will instead be celebrated at Arcada’s Opening of the academic year 2 September 2020. The festivities will include the opening of the new academic year, speeches, alumni and graduation greetings as well as the distribution of the graduates' greeting letters, followed by music and mingling. We hope that all of you who have planned to attend the June ceremony will join the celebrations in September instead.

Graduation ceremony and Opening of the academic year
Time: 2.9.2020 at 3 pm
Location: Big Square, Arcada
More information and registration will be published soon (invitations are sent out by email to all graduates of the spring 2020). 

For graduates of spring 2020 who will not be in Helsinki in September, or for any other reason will not be able to attend the festivities, we will arrange an unofficial event at the original time 12.6.2020 at 3 pm where you can come and receive your greeting letter by Rector Mona Forsskåhl. Please contact if you'd like to participate in the event (with reservations for changes due to the current corona situation). 

For more information please contact 



Big Square