The epidemic situation in the capital region has worsened and the infection is now spreading mainly among the unvaccinated. Due to the recent development, we are clarifying the guidelines.

Arcada's guidelines have worked well so far. Thank you for taking responsibility and following the instructions! The management continues to follow the situation and now wants to specify Arcada's recommendations.

If a person who lives in the same household as you is diagnosed with corona, we strongly recommend that you study remotely as much as possible – even if you have no symptoms yourself. Contact your teacher and agree on how you will conduct the teaching.

The recommendation applies to the time when the person you live with is in official quarantine or isolation. The same recommendation applies even if you are double vaccinated. Please note, that this does not apply if you are double vaccinated and briefly have been exposed to the coronavirus.

At the same time, we would like to remind you to always stay at home if you have symptoms typical of coronavirus.

Face mask recommendation continues

Due to the worsening situation, Arcada’s recommendation on face masks continues to apply until the end of this year. Arcada recommends that you always use a face mask:

  • in teaching situations with close contact
  • in situations in which avoiding close contact is difficult, such as meetings with several people
  • in public areas on campus (eg corridors, the squares)

By using face masks on campus, we protect not only ourselves, but also those who are in the risk group and those who for health reasons have not been able to get vaccinated.