The board of the Arcada University of Applied Sciences Ltd has decided to start cooperation negotiations with all employees, including the UAS’ management. The decision was made on the basis of the need to streamline the organization and operations and adapt it to the economic development the polytechnic is facing. Throughout the process and after the negotiations are completed, all activities including courses and other teaching will continue as usual.

Through a reorganisation and relocation of staff resources, the UAS will:

  •     create a new organisational structure that better supports performance fulfillment
  •     increase the opportunities to obtain other external financing
  •     achieve savings to balance the university's deficit

Reaching these objectives requires cooperation negotiations that include all employees. The financial goal is to save 1 million euros on an annual basis. This may mean redundancies, layoffs and transfers to part-time work that affect max. 9 people. These measures will essentially not affect the teaching staff.
The negotiations and the process

The first negotiations will be held on 18 October and the process will last for at least two weeks. The goal is for the last negotiation to take place on 1.11, so that the results of the negotiations can be announced before mid-November.