Arcada still recommends the use of face masks on campus. The recommendation applies specifically to indoor spaces where many people are gathered close to each other and in situations where safety distances cannot be maintained.

The authorities' recommendation on face masks was updated on September 30 and is now based on individual consideration. THL still recommends the use of face masks in indoor spaces and that actors in the education sector set their own rules.

Arcada recommends that you always use a face mask:

  • in teaching situations with close contact
  • in situations in which avoiding close contact is difficult
  • in public areas on campus (eg corridors, the squares)

By using face masks on campus, we protect not only ourselves, but also those who are in the risk group and those who for health reasons have not been able to get vaccinated. These recommendations apply until October 31, or until new national guidelines are given.

We would like to warmly welcome you to Arcada's campus now when the situation looks better and remind you that all our services for students are available