As a means to make communications between students and staff run even more smoothly, Arcada has taken a chat tool into use. The chat is delivered by the Finnish software company giosg.

At the beginning, two units at Arcada will take the chat into use: the library and the unit for student wellbeing and support services (the wellbeing chat). In other words, those of you who have questions about the library, wellbeing, guidance or support services, will from now on get answers even faster and more smoothly than before. The chat can be found here:

The library: External link

The wellbeing chat:

The chat is shown as an orange-coloured chat bubble further down at the corner of the page. The chat will be staffed during specific hours during which it serves as a live chat. During these hours you as a student can chat with a member of staff in real time. You are always chatting anonymously.

Opening hours of live chat


Monday–Friday at 10:00–15:00.

Unit for student wellbeing and support services (the wellbeing chat):

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12–14. One of our psychologists will be available every second week.

"FAQ bot"

When the chat is not staffed it is still activated as an “FAQ bot”. After having clicked on the chat bubble down in the corner, you can click on the different buttons and thus get an answer to your question or get in touch with the right person, even though you may not be able to chat with a member of staff at that particular moment.

We continue to develop the chat tool with the goal of having more and more units at Arcada taking it into use. We hope that it will serve you as a student well. If you have any questions or feedback on the chat tool, you are more than welcome to contact E-mail:

Kind regards,

The Communications Unit