We are celebrating Arcada's 25th anniversary during the next academic year (2021-22). We need your thought and ideas to make the celebrations great! Please contribute by answering a short questionnaire and you might win one our Arcada products!

Students from the Event management course are helping Arcada in the planning of the celebrations. The students will weigh in with suggestions for: 

  • An overarching concept for the whole anniversary year 
  • Concrete suggestions regarding how the University of Applied Sciences could celebrate 

Now we turn to you for thoughts and ideas. The students have developed a survey, External link and we hope that you take the time to respond. Responding to the survey will take approx. 5 min. Please respond to the survey 20.4 latest.

All data is processed anonymously and will only be used for the course assignment after which it will be deleted.

Please go to the sruvey. External link

Thank you!