Arcada's support workshop concept for students is renewed! The teachers and staff are still available for support and answering questions, but the system with specific dates for support workshops at certain times is on hold, due to the pandemic.

If you need any kind of help, advise or guidance in your studies you can contact any of the following services, and if needed book an appointment for personal guidance:


The library provides support in searching and finding information resources, citing sources and creating reference lists for your thesis or other work.

Please find more information and how to schedule an appointment with the library staff here. External link


The Survey Workshop

The Survey Workshop contains some material that will help you plan a survey and understand how you need to consider the analysis already in the planning phase. The Survey Workshop also has some tips on how to handle the data you have collected. You can post questions in the discussion forum.

So far, all the material is in Swedish only but we hope eventually to provide materials also in English. In the discussion forum, questions can be posted also in English.

Since the Survey Workshop is not an actual course, it is not displayed in Asta but instead, you enrol yourself directly in itslearning. You will find The Survey Workshop in the so-called the Course catalogue (Courses -> All courses -> Find more courses -> Course catalogue for the site -> "Enkätverkstaden 2020-2021").

For questions, please contact


If you need IT-support (questions about anything regarding IT e.g Word, Excel but also anything else), please contact IT is by e-mail:

Planning your studies

If you need help with course choices and planning your studies, please contact the amanuensis at your department.

Writing workshops and language support

Academic writing, references, writing abstracts and maturity examination, presentations and acting as opponent.

Writing support in English is booked individually. Writing workshops in Swedish and Finnish are arranged every week. Information about language support and workshops here.

Study social worker

Low threshold guidance with individual support, counselling and conversations.

If you have any questions or thinking about something, for example your assignments, if you need help to get your assignments done, you feel lonely, if you do not know where to turn or something else. To get help or support please contact study socal worker Erika Nyström, . Please find more information and how to schedule an appointment for easy access counselling here.

Study counsellors and special education teacher

Do you need to talk to someone in a confidential matter about e.g motivation, procrastination, time and stress management, or do you have something affecting your learning or studying?

Please find more information and how to schedule an appointment to the study counsellors and the special education teacher here.