Right now, many people receive scam emails where the sender pretends to be the IT support at Arcada who announces that your email inbox is full. This is a so-called phishing attempt. If you have clicked on any of the links, please contact Arcada's IT department immediately ( it-support(at)arcada.fi or via Teams) and change your Arcada password.

Recently many have also received scam emails in which the sender claims to have broken into your computer and filmed you. In these emails, the sender is trying to make you pay them a ransom. These emails are scams – so do not believe the blackmailer's claims. You should never pay any money and do not have to do anything other than delete the email.

There have also been emails and phone calls from someone who claims to be from e.g. Microsoft and asks for your personal or user information. All this is a hoax. Do not answer the fraudsters.

Now that all of Arcada’s activities are online, it is extra important that we are all careful. Scam emails and fraud attempts can look very well made and it can be difficult to see if they are fake. Always double-check the sender's address and read all emails carefully. Remember not to click on links in emails from unknown senders and never give out your bank details, passwords or personal information.