On Thursday (25.2.2021) the government informed about new measures against the coronavirus pandemic that will apply for three weeks from 8 March. Arcada's restrictions and instructions are still stricter than the government's line and the on-campus teaching we have can therefore continue just as before within the given framework. 

Arcada's previous restrictions thus continue to apply unchanged, and necessary teaching and exams in groups of 10 where safety distances are observed and face masks are used can continue on campus. 

We remind you that both students and staff are otherwise encouraged to study and work from home. Therefore, avoid visiting the campus if you do not have necessary classes or exams on campus or if there are no other strictly necessary reasons to visit campus. Still, remember to keep in touch with each other, with your loved ones and with teachers or other staff online or by phone. Here you can find contact information for Arcada's support services if you need someone to talk to or support in your studies. 

Read Arcada's restrictions that apply throughout period 3 (until 21.3) here.